Red America and blue America saw two very different Trump speeches

Early in his speech to Congress, when President Trump likened his election to a political earthquake, it practically lifted Kristen Rossow off her couch.

Sitting in the family room of her split-level home in this tidy Boise suburb, watching with her husband and daughter — all Trump fans — she sprang up and raised two fists to the ceiling.

“Yes!” she exulted with a broad smile at the pinch-me moment. “This is seriously a miracle!”

In Las Vegas, Jose Venturi watched with arms crossed Tuesday night, sunk into his orange sofa, as if shielding himself from the words coming from his television set.

Far from raising alarms, the more his opponents attacked him and the media piled on, the better Trump looked.

“When people called him a bigot and a racist, he said, ‘I don’t care, I’ll say what I believe based on principle,’” Rossow said with admiration. “He was the only one with the courage to take on the media and the corruption in Washington.”